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Paintball Park "Legend" offers to play paintball or lasertag in our 5 ha park at five interesting spots. In ''Murjāņi'' or ''Mārupe''.
A good place for companies, which arrange for the consolidation of collective entertainment and recreation, like birthdays, bachelor parties, or simply to relax in nature and at the same time get the adrenaline dose. After the game, sit in one of the sheds, fry barbecue and swim in the pond.
1st Forest fort with fortifications, guard, various hides pines and spruces. Played a warm-up and dating game with base change.
2nd Forest bastion – at the old trees, fortified enemy base with towers, trenches, trenches and various obstacles. Task - to destroy the enemy base.
3rd Sicilian city streets with all entire infrastructure - houses, cars, etc.., Where each side of the street live one family (mafia), and they have a conflict and starts a war.
4th / 5. Great training ground 1.1 ha in the base of the towers and fortifications, and the two ends of the hardened heart of the towers. Square has a lot of retrenchment, shelter and hides. Square play various games options, the area can be dividend in two parts, or at a larger number of players - all over.
During the game,you can pay 16 game options.
At the same time by rotating teams of courses you can play 50 players.
Start pack with 100 balls - 6.50-7EUR 
Over 10 players 6.5EUR 
Next 100 balls 3EUR 
Recommended game reserve by the telephone.
Successful, full of adrenaline rest!

LaserTag first hour coast 8EUR , every next hour - 2EUR if number of people is bigger than 10

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About Us

We offer you to celebrate wedding, birthday, children party we have table for 60 people also we can organize sport games with eating for 120 people. Our location is at "Murjāņi" you have to drive from Riga to “Murjāņi” at Valmieras highway and go through “ Murjāņi” and after 100 m after the mark “Murjāņi” at the left side will be a mark “Viesu nams Ieviņas” and you turn there and go 400 m on ground road till you get to the guest house. At the weekend it the cost starts at 100 Ls, but at the working days we offer 50 % discount.

Contact information

Guest house "Ieviņas"

Mob - 264 98 404

Talr -  677 02 305


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